A Day in the Life of David – Support Worker

A typical day for David, there is no such thing as a typical day!!! At Tordan Healthcare we believe that every client is an individual, with individual needs; even the same client can have different hopes and wishes on any given day, with no two days being the same.

Providing support is not just about personal care it encompasses social care to allow our clients to live as independently, happier, healthier lives.

Skills can include:

Good communication skills

Great sense of humour


Ability to adapt your approach to your client’s needs and of course Patience … by the bucket-load

When supporting someone to go out into their local community, it is not just about getting there, but empowering the client once there. This may involve creating a shopping list, handling money, negotiating buses or trains.

On one occasion I was asked by a client with dementia when his friends would be visiting him again, they visited every fortnight, I said they would be coming this weekend. He asked if he could do something special. Recently we had made cakes together, so we went shopping for the ingredients, and on the morning of his friends visiting we made cakes. He was delighted to have done this for his friends, and I was content to silently acknowledge his achievement.

“Providing person-centred care is as much rewarding as it is a privilege “David

Of course a Support Workers role is to provide support in its many and varied forms, but they can only do this if supported themselves, and Tordan Healthcare provide supervision, training and regular support from their Care Manager.