Night Care

We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential for our everyday wellbeing and for the more vulnerable, an unsettled night can lead to greater care and support requirements throughout the day

Research has proven that a person’s night time experiences have a dramatic effect on their daily care requirements.  A poor night’s sleep impacts on a person’s ability to undertake daily tasks can leave them lethargic, and unsteady on their feet.  In addition, on-going poor sleep patterns can lead to isolation throughout in the day when catching up on sleep, meaning a person may be unable to interact when family and friends visit or may struggle to engage at a level that they normally would and become more anxious of night time hours.

With this in mind, care and support throughout the night in the form of a night care service can be equally as important as providing care throughout the day.

A flexible night care service that changes as you do

Tordan Healthcare understand that your night care requirements may change as your condition improves or deteriorates. As a result we offer a flexible night care service that can be regularly reviewed and adapted at any time to suit your needs.